Power To The Pencil

Power To The Pencil



Power To The Pencil is a documentary film about the emergence of African Americans working in the field of animation. Animation was introduced to America in the early 1900, and since then it’s been evolving and re-inventing new approaches since the day of it’s conception. In a span of forty years this field has gone from experimental shorts to feature length theatrical release. For the longest time animation was doing things live action film could only dream of, using a variety of mediums such as clay, puppet, and cut-out animation as well as pen drawings. Until the last twenty years, animation was never looked at as a viable career path. Being an artist in America has its own stigma no matter what your social, economic, or racial background you’re from. Yet this career has inspired and motivated people from all walks of life. This documentary will explore the journey these individuals took to achieve and succeed in a career that, at the time, did not cater to them.


























Starring: Floyd Norman, Larry Houston, Lenord Robinson, Phil Mendez, Ron Husband


Genre:   Documentary Feature Film
Duration:  80 minutes 
Release Date: Spring 2018
Format:   Full length feature film
Language:   English
Writer / Director: Kevyn Wallace
Producers: Mario Menjivar, Rosemary Riviera, Jay Shindell


Currently in post-production