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Photo by Denis Doni

Michael Winters is a producer, writer/director, and DP with a deep, hands-on background in narrative and commercial filmmaking, documentaries, music videos, and network television. He's simultaneously worked as a professional journalist, with bylines in major publications including Vice, Curbed, and SFGate.

Strongly curious and flexible, his proactive expertise in storytelling, visuals, logistics, and curation comes from years of building up his understanding of film and media (still ongoing!) working on countless sets, independent projects, and broad research. As the in-house video producer and Studio founder of and VSC, an SF-based PR firm for tech startups, Michael led the companies' non-existent video & digital strategies to first-time success. And be sure to ask about how to shoot seventy 30-minute episodes of quality TV in 8 months. ;-)

Among his other pursuits, Michael created the half-hour comedy pilot "Local Moguls," honored to have made the Quarterfinals of the 2023 ScreenCraft Comedy Competition and a top example of original writing for TV. In addition to a completed short script, he's currently writing two feature screenplays (and you bet I'm open to outside funding!). His work has been screened worldwide. 

Michael lives in San Francisco, CA, where he enjoys cooking, live music, getting about on his Chevrolegs, and teaching himself 3D from scratch. 


Michael has what every director wants: a keen eye, a listening ear, and a vivid and flexible imagination. He cares about accuracy, pursues tasks with joy, and is driven by the passion of a true craftsman. He will make your project better.
— Duncan Pace, actor/comedian, New Orleans

Paired with a writer to work on a piece about the legacy of FEMA X markings on homes in New Orleans, Michael took the assignment and ran with it. He was able to capture exactly the tone and scope we were looking for in the piece.
— Sara Polsky, fmr. Curbed senior features editor
He’s not only a creative hard worker but also humble. On one occasion he was editing our film but decided to come early to help where needed. He took it upon himself to keep the coffee pot full (the best person on set in my opinion) and also slammed out a banging edit which I believe got him nominated for an award. Having Winters on set is a pleasure each and every time.
— Kyle Wigginton, actor/filmmaker, New Orleans

​​​​​I’ve worked with Winters on several different occasions. He naturally has an eye for a creative shot. Watch the opening shot of our short, “Beg”, and see what I’m talking about. He continues to grow on every film we work on. The dude can hold a conversation too. Excited to work with him again in the future.
— Adam Henslee, actor/filmmaker, New York City
I've worked with Michael on a number of film projects, and he always brings his A-game. His passion for quality is inspiring. I'm always looking forward to the next project we can team up on.
— Ben Samuels, filmmaker/artist, Berlin