säⁿ-sü-sē | without worry : free of care

Sanssouci  Films is a film & video production co. based in San Francisco.

We create distinct, handmade work for people and industry — informed by problem-solving, outsized curiosity, and the latest techniques. Collaboration & quality resources allow us to realize a diverse range of content and project sizes.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Our films communicate your brand, company, or event message effectively and with style. And like our name, stress-free!
Michael is a director, producer, and cinematographer with a love of film & storytelling that began in childhood. With years of leading productions & developing high-level strategy, he's excited to produce great stories seen everywhere. A skilled writer, his work is also among the top as-of-yet unproduced screenplays. Got Letterboxd?
Working with Michael was an awesome experience! His talent and passion in photography, videography, and editing is undeniable. Michael's easygoing nature and open communication made it effortless to communicate our vision. I would highly recommend Michael to anyone seeking an experienced photographer who is not only great at what he does but also a pleasure to work with.
Peter Mueller, founder, ACE Automation, Oakland​​​​​​​
Michael has what every director wants: a keen eye, a listening ear, and a vivid and flexible imagination. He cares about accuracy, pursues tasks with joy, and is driven by the passion of a true craftsman. He will make your project better.
Duncan Pace, comedian/filmmaker, New Orleans
Paired with a writer to work on a piece about the legacy of FEMA X markings on homes in New Orleans, Michael took the assignment and ran with it. He was able to capture exactly the tone and scope we were looking for in the piece.
— Sara Polsky, Curbed senior features editor​​​​​​​
I've worked with Michael on a number of film projects, and he always brings his A-game. His passion for quality is inspiring. I'm always looking forward to the next project we can team up on.
Ben Samuels, filmmaker/artist, Hamburg
He’s not only a creative hard worker but also humble. On one occasion he was editing our film but decided to come early to help where needed. He took it upon himself to keep the coffee pot full (the best person on set in my opinion) and also slammed out a banging edit which I believe got him nominated for an award. Having Winters on set is a pleasure each and every time.
Kyle Wigginton, filmmaker/actor, New Orleans​​​​​​​
​​​​​I’ve worked with Winters on several different occasions. He naturally has an eye for a creative shot. Watch the opening shot of our short, “Beg”, and see what I’m talking about. He continues to grow on every film we work on. The dude can hold a conversation too. Excited to work with him again in the future.
Adam Henslee, actor/filmmaker, New York City​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
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