Sun Apr, 14 6:23 PM
Just hanging out late-night at the Nike Missile Site (from 4/11 - also had a great birthday!)
Sun Mar, 24 7:30 PM
So I've been absent but not without progress. First, I did write that comedy pilot mentioned in the Dec '19 post below (and others). Hell, I've stayed mad busy generally, which is my default state despite the near-"End of the World" -- including 3 top-achieving years in real estate media, through which I've mapped most of the area. Since last August, I've been experimenting more in 3D with Blender and Quixel and have a tutorial open now, in fact. 

I've learned a lot since and have a lot to still, but these photos are only one day's work from scratch. I've long had a knack for design and honestly having a blast (who else used to play The Sims just to build cool houses?) Whatever you're doing, I continue to write weekly, shoot & direct, network, and there's always some remarkably obscure info to get out via Oddity_2K. It's true, I've done the work. And it feels now at 8:08PM writing this, good luck should hit soon.   
Tues Jan 21, 20 11:37 PM
This is ridiculously cool. In a nutshell, architect Ricardo Bofill Levi came across a cement factory while driving on the Barcelona outskirts in 1973 that now serves as his family home and HQ of his Taller de Arquitectura (RBTA). La Fábrica was given a second life as an "an unmatched laboratory of ideas," representing the "built manifesto" and legacy of RBTA. The rest of the story is here:

*3/27 update: featured in Westworld 3x02

Wed Dec 11, 19 3:38 AM
Hearing this song again took me right back to 2011, spending many days left to my own devices while running a public access TV station largely by myself in Pascagoula, MS. Fun times! I have a screenplay about it in the works. :-)

Thurs Nov 28, 19 3:13 PM​​​​​​​
HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Here's a video that seems to confirm just when you think now is weird, 1997 definitely had its moments (actually a lot). I mean, maybe you want to use a Pizza Hut ad as a vehicle to help shape Gorbachev's post-fall legacy. Some context:

Thurs Nov 28, 19 3:16 AM
Fritz Lang & Thea von Harbou had a pretty cool setup in Berlin 1923/24.
Wed Nov 27, 19 12:39 AM
Damn! This music's just been lying in plain sight, and I've just now come across it. I literally just discovered these dudes, and that bass in particular is out of this world!!! Pretty funky stuff - if you're into that kind of thing, check this out.

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